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We have adjusted our focus in the last few months. We continue to develop village pastors with Zoom/Online training and we have also been helping those same village pastors survive. COVID-19 is a global pandemic and in poor countries it has caused a hunger crisis. 

We send monthly support to Pastors in India to help feed their people. Now the village pastors themselves are in desperate shape. Pastor Emmanuel wrote, “Brother due to lock down – pastors, bible women and slum people are suffering for food and not able to buy even medicines. Here our government gives food some times, but not every day. And when help arrives they have to wait in big queue in hot sun. In Chennai due to raising of the corona cases, lock down is still continuing and extending. Could you help me get food to these friends of ours?” The request is because the people can’t go to their fields. They have no work and therefore no food. 

In Honduras we are also finding so many needy families. In the Olanchito area alone we have determined to help 200 families who are starving. For two weeks now workers have been giving out bags with the basics at a cost of $12 a bag. The bags are filled with rice, beans, sugar, flour, canned supplies, toilet paper and matches. In Nicaragua, Haiti and Mexico we are getting reports of similar needs. 

We can’t give to everyone and we can’t do it without your help, but we can get the finances to “our” workers, those we trust to help others. Would you help? 

Herald of Faith will continue teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus wherever we can. If we can put food in their hands we can put the love of Jesus in their hearts. Help us take care of those God has put in our path. Let’s do our part and see how God fills the gaps.

Enjoying the Adventure,

Miguel Rivera

Steve Fitzpatrick

Herald of Faith

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