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Miguel was once a worship leader some decades ago and this came very handy. A few weeks ago we got to invest time in biblical teachings to some worship leaders from a local church in San Diego. We taught and then we worshipped together, it was heaven on earth, it’s how it should be right? We continue to train leaders and build the local church, that is who we are, we continue the mission as we enjoy each adventure!

Please pray as we head out to Ensenada, Mexico for 4 days. We will be ministering at our young women/girls’ Purity camp. Pray for provision, no girl/woman be left back due to finances. Pray for strength and God’s presence to bring healing and restoration to this generation. Debbie and her sisters founded this camp 18 years ago. Miguel, Debbie, and their girls continue to pour their hearts into these camps. We know that as we invest our lives into His kingdom He will always provide.

We are incredibly humbled by the miraculous doors God has opened up to minister this summer and in the fall. Herald of Faith continues to move forward and we give a shout-out first to God but also to our board members who continually support us, pray for us, and are so proactive in our lives! God has graciously blessed us with friends like YOU, who pray and partner with us to advance His kingdom.

Last Saturday was so much fun and we partnered with our local church in San Diego and traveled to Rosarito, Mexico. We were there to support a medical and community outreach to the city of Rosarito. We fed volunteers and the community. We cooked over 700+ hot dogs. As one of the team members was passing out hot dogs to a family on the main street of Rosarito, the father of this family asked “but why are you feeding us, why are you doing this?”. She simply answered, because “Jesus loves you so much”! That is why you and I do it all, right? He loves us so much!

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