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This past weekend, Debbie traveled to Camalu to speak at a women’s conference. Camalu is a small agriculture town 4 hours south of the Mexican border. Camalu is a desert where God moved in a might way as the dry land became an oasis for each one of us. Over 150 women came to the conference! Debbie spoke on Exodus 5:1 which talks about “Celebrating through the wilderness”. One Pastor send a text to Debbie the following day that said “I just found out that my associate Pastor passed away and immediately remembered the message you shared and even though we are sad, we will celebrate the goodness of God in this wilderness. We will always face difficult times, yet may we remember to always celebrate that God is good and the wilderness is not our home, we are just passing through.

Pastor Steve’s Retirement

By now, you may have heard that Pastor Steve  has retired from full time ministry and has moved to Texas. We are pleased that he continues to be involved daily with Harold of Faith as Vice President and Treasurer.

Recent Events

On May 28 we drove to Ensenada and ministered to leaders serving in a Camp for kids and adults with disabilities. We also shared a workshop with parents and caregivers. We reminded each parent to keep their eyes on Jesus and hope for today and tomorrow! There were lots of tears and laughter as Debbie shared at two women’s conferences! It is such a joy to see women in God’s presence and to have open hearts to receive the living word of God. This group of women in particular were hungry for God’s word. One woman came afterward and expressed to Debbie, how much God had spoken to her life and that her faith was renewed!

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