Herald of Faith

July 2023

Dear friends,

With hearts brimming with joy and excitement, we pen down this letter to share the incredible journey we experienced in the enchanting state of Michoacan, nestled in the southwest of Mexico City. Known for its Monarch butterflies and mouthwatering carnitas (pork meat), this vibrant region also faces challenges with a growing drug cartel. Despite these obstacles, our spirits were uplifted as we reunited with dear friends who have faithfully pastored a small town for over two decades.

Just before our arrival, we received news of Pastor Eduardo’s daunting health battle. Medical experts saw no hope, BUT God.

By His grace, he miraculously emerged alive and on the path to recovery. However, the aftermath of a complicated surgery left him with a fractured jaw, causing immense pain and hindering his ability to eat. Undeterred, we gathered on a Saturday to lift our prayers, and the divine intervened! Witnessing his shouts of joy, we celebrated this profound healing with a feast of tacos, cherishing the miracle bestowed upon us.

The purpose of our visit extended beyond this miraculous moment. Debbie was to preach at a women’s conference held at the local church. Surprisingly, the men from the congregation eagerly joined the gathering, expressing a hunger to hear God’s word. What began as a women’s conference transformed into an inspiring family event, as entire families came together to experience God’s powerful presence. The spirit moved mightily, leaving us all humbled and profoundly touched.

During our stay, we conducted a transformative leaders training session, graced by the presence of 51 devoted leaders. A day of teachings and fellowship culminated in a profound spiritual experience‚ÄĒbaptisms of the Holy Spirit. Among those touched by this divine encounter was a couple who had recently joined the church. Their decision to participate in the training humbled us, knowing that God entrusted their spiritual growth to us. We ask for your prayers for Armando and his family, that they may continue to flourish in faith.

It was an awe-inspiring trip, as entire families felt the embrace of God’s Spirit. Our hearts were filled with gratitude for the privilege of witnessing such profound transformation. The pastors have invited us back in December for the grand inauguration of their new building, an event we eagerly await.

Looking ahead, we are preparing for our annual young women and young men’s Purity camp in Ensenada, Mexico, during July and August. As September approaches, we are thrilled to venture to Merida Yucatan, further south in Mexico, to extend the Purity Camp to young women and teenagers. Our hearts are expectant, anticipating a divine movement in each young heart. We invite you to join us in prayer, seeking salvation for this young generation.

With hearts overflowing with gratitude and anticipation

Miguel Rivera

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