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As we are wrapping up 2022, it seems like we have been living in John chapter 2, Jesus’ first miracle, by turning water into wine “and manifested his glory. And his disciples believed in him. (Jesus)” John 2:11. Jesus has been manifesting His glory to Herald of Faith and through Herald of Faith, and He is doing it around the world!

Last month we visited our dear friend, Pastor Juan Manuel, and his church just south of the border. God spoke and many believed! When service concluded and we were heading out, the Pastor’s mom rushed over and with a shaky voice and tears she said: “Thank you, we had been waiting for this. We love that Herald of Faith comes alongside us as leaders and encourages the church”. It was the first time we met her, and she didn’t know of Herald of Faith or its Mission statement. She felt the Missions statement came alive in her church! We were in tears knowing that our Mission statement is not just words but action.

Our busy travel schedule:

September 23-26 Our planned trip to the central part of Mexico in the state of Michoacán was canceled due to flight complications. God gave us peace, and all is well.

October 8-9 Debbie’s women’s conference just south of the border was a tremendous success.

Many were touched by the hand of God.

October 20-24 We are traveling to Mexico City! We are excited to speak to leaders that work with special needs children and adults. This is so dear to our hearts as special needs parents ourselves. The gap between the church and the special needs community in Mexico is greater than the city itself, YET our GOD is greater! We are believing for His glory to be manifested. Parents will also be joining us, most of which are non-believers. Pray that many will believe! Pray that each life will be overtaken by God’s goodness and that they walk in the truth of knowing that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalms 139:14).

November 8-15 Our team of 12 people is heading to Honduras!

We thank you for your generosity, your prayers and notes of encouragement! Believing God will supply ALL your needs and our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

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