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Thank you for partnering with us in our efforts to develop 30,000 pastoral leaders around the world in the next 10 years

India has re-opened for us! Once again our co-workers in India are arranging for online seminars to train their leaders. Last month Joel held several seminars. Next week Winston and Steve will team up for a 4-day seminar with 150 leaders in Chennai. Then in May we will have another seminar in Chintopu at our facility. The people are hungry for training and we have the people and systems in place. All we really need is finances. Whenever we do a seminar the leaders need transportation money, we usually have to rent halls and chairs and sound equipment. Then we feed and house the leaders during the seminar. We need $6000 so we can really get back on track developing pastoral leaders. The doors are wide open. Would you pray about contributing towards this need?

Honduras has re-opened for us! Pastor Maria Lopez Cruz has re-launched the Sewing Ministry. Maria now has two schools with 20 women. This ministry focuses on single women/mothers and it helps them learn a skill through sewing classes. After 6 months, at graduation, Maria awards them with a sewing machine so they can start earning a living. Over the last 10 years many graduates have started their own business as a result.

We have also resumed full classes in Nicaragua—through Steve teaching weekly with Zoom as well as our regular curriculum of self-study classes. We have 72 enrolled and being trained every week!

Thank you so much for giving and praying!!!

Enjoying the Adventure,

Miguel & Debbie Rivera Steve & Kathy Fitzpatrick

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