Herald of Faith

September 2023

Dear friends,

This summer was nothing short of miraculous! There were some challenging times, but we were able to get through them with the strength of the Holy Spirit.

For the past 19 years, we have been conducting our Abstinence, Purity & Value (APV) Camps in Ensenada, Mexico for teenage girls/young women and teenage boys/young men. This year nearly 500 teenagers attended both camps and over 50 of them gave their hearts to Jesus! Saying “YES” to Jesus is what gets us excited.

Meet Anayeli. Her story has touched our hearts deeply. She attended camp for the first time and following, she wrote us this. “I’m in my mid 20’s and attended camp. I felt as if God restored the past 14 years of my life. I feel like a 12-year-old full of joy and hope for my future. I can now walk with my head held high knowing that God is with me, and shame has no place in my life”. Anayeli’s life is just one among thousands whose lives have been changed by the presence of God.

We are gearing up for another APV Camp at the end of September, this time in a small rural town in the Yucatan Peninsula. Challenges are part of every mission, but we are hoping for a breakthrough in this town and in its youth.

In August, Debbie traveled to Philadelphia and addressed a Spanish-speaking retreat for women. The result? Forty women are now walking with Jesus and have enrolled in discipleship classes. The spirit of God continues to pour out over His sons and daughters. Every life matter to Jesus. Overall, for the month, we witnessed Ninety who gave their hearts to JESUS. The harvest is ready!

On a personal note, our daughter has moved away to college. We deeply miss her presence but are at peace knowing she is where God has called her to be. We cherish the quality time spent with her before she began school. Pictured are the four of us on the last day of APV Camp.

Upcoming Trips – Mark Your Calendars!

It is only by God’s grace and provision we are able to partner with heaven.

Thank you for sowing your prayers and finances. Thank you for partnering with Herald of Faith as we continue to listen and obey God’s command in reaching the lost.

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Thank you for your partnership with Herald of Faith.Together, we will continue to heed God’s call and touch the lives of many.

Miguel Rivera

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